Each season of life looks different + they all deserve to be celebrated in their own way. Whether that's inside your home welcoming a new baby, or outside rolling around in the tall grass at sunset, laughing with those you love most in this world...THAT is the story we should capture...THAT is the story I want to help you tell.

Sessions have a starting investment value and can be added to with prints, matted gallery wall art and heirloom, archival quality albums that will be passed down through generations. Once your session is complete and you've viewed your gallery, we'll collaborate on which images are your favorites and what tangibles you'd like to add to round out your LMP collection. I have established accounts with professional print labs, so you can be sure that the items you choose will be of the highest quality, and vetted by me before they even reach you. I provide nothing but the very best for my families.

Having memories hold space on my walls + live on in an album immediately takes me back to that moment in time when they were 4 days old, swaddled in muslin and tucked safely in my arms with that gorgeous, intoxicating newborn smell. Seeing images on my walls of my babes running barefoot through the grass with dirt on their faces reminds of a simpler time, and nothing makes my momma heart happier than knowing I have those memories captured + collected for all time.



700+ AUD

Families come in all shapes + sizes. Every single one is beautiful. Show me what makes you + yours tick. We can stay in your home or venture outdoors - lets find a space that represents you best.

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the deets...

FULL SESSIONS : 1 - 1.5 hours, 40 - 60 hand edited, high res images, 700+ AUD.

( 5 additional images can be added )

*all session investments include a $50 print credit.


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Our journey starts with an email - tell me everything that you are looking for. What kind of session, who will be there, whatever your heart is searching for! The more information you can give me, the better. I want to make sure we are the perfect fit!

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This is when we get to collaborate to create the best session for you + yours. Once you're booked in, you'll receive your LMP 2023 Session Guide, which is full of session information, location ideas as well as style inspo!

no. 3


This is my favorite part - here's where the magic happens. Your session will be - I don't force kiddos to do anything they don't wanna do - but I promise you'll have the images you are after! (Breaks to let them snack + drink is totally fine, and encouraged!)

no. 4


Your gallery will be delivered within 2 weeks for a petite session + between 3-4 weeks for a full session. You will receive a link in your email to your gallery in Pixieset, as well as a link to a mobile gallery that you can download to your phones homescreen!


What would you call your style of photography?

I am a lifestyle photographer - it's the art of capturing situations and the "everyday" in a way that tells a story - your story - in an elevated way. Your session will be full of play, laughter, games - the best images come from the unscripted. You + yours are the story tellers. I am the fly on the wall that will capture that story better than anyone.

Do you use props?

In a word, no. I find props are limiting to my style of shooting + I have spent years with much trial + error, whittling down what my sessions look + feel like. Props simply don't fit in. That's not to say that a special stuffie or blanket hasn't made its way into past sessions...that's different. There has also been the occasional ultrasound image to announce the newest addition. Your session should reflect you + not be distracted by extra "flair" that most likely won't stand the test of time.

*I also ask that you refrain from bringing any.

When will our gallery be delivered?

Once your session is complete, your gallery will arrive within 2 weeks for a petite session + between 3-4 weeks for a full session. You will receive a link in your email to a high resolution gallery that comes from Pixieset. You can share that link with whomever you'd like, and if you would like your gallery password protected, that's no problem - we can take care of that detail once your gallery is ready.

We've never had professional photos done before - help!

Unless you are a professional model or have spent gobs of time in front of a camera, it is safe to say that you are entering uncharted waters. That's where I come in. I expect that you'll be a deer-in-headlights at the beginning, so I promise to guide you along the way. I won't pose you, but I will prompt you from time to time. Everyone is nervous at the start of their session + that is 100% ok and expected. (I have yet to meet anyone who didn't need a little nudge to get going!) If it helps, I find within the realm of "lifestyle," there is very little pressure + people are entirely themselves.

Do you offer mini sessions?

A couple times a year, I offer what I call "petite sessions." I advertise them a about a month out through email, on the home page of this website, and on social media (facebook + Instagram). They are typically 20 minute slots with a set number of images at a set investment. *Booking a session at any other time will always be considered a full session booking.


Since we are here in Australia, I prefer AUD - bank transfer works just fine. If you prefer USD and have Venmo or even a US check, we can do that instead!

* I have had many issues with Paypal in the past, so I no longer use their service.

* Cash works for either currency.

What will my session time be like?

I don't carry a "shot list" and I don't have a rubric that my sessions fit into - each session is its own + unique to you. I will not pose you, but I will prompt you if I think it's needed. Your session will be entirely yours. We will laugh, run, play + most of all, we'll capture all the parts of your story, no matter how big or small.

Are digital images included in our session investment?

ABSOLUTELY - your final gallery will include between 40 - 60 hand edited high resolution images (that number changes if you've booked a petite session). Once you book your session, you will be sent a session e-guide which includes a small collection of tangibles (prints, framed art + albums) to choose from to help bring your digital images to life.

*RAW images are not available for release.

What is a print credit + how does it work?

A print credit is money that comes off your total investment into tangibles (prints, framed art + albums). Whatever items you choose will be less $50, since you've already covered that amount when you placed your deposit.

What if it rains on the day of our session?

I usually suggest still shooting unless it's a total disaster - I'll say though, some of the most amazing images have been taken on a stormy day. If the day of ( or even days leading up ) are rained out, we'll find a new date that works for everyone.

What if I have more questions?

Your session e-guide will cover a ton of information that may answer those questions. However, since I can't anticipate ALL the questions, I welcome you to reach out via email,