Which ever session we embark on will be nothing short of a really great time. Each season of life looks different + they all deserve to be celebrated in their own way. Whether that's inside your home welcoming a new baby, or outside rolling around in the tall grass at sunset, laughing with those you love most in this world, THAT is the story I want to see. THAT is the story I want to help you tell. I want you to see these sessions as a love letter to your family - THIS is what it looked like to love them + love them hard. There is no greater gift than passing down a legacy that they get to hold onto for as long as they draw breath.

Each session has a starting investment value + can be added to with prints, matted gallery art and heirloom, archival quality albums that will be passed down through generations to those bearing your family name. Let's choose the investment that means the most to you.




Motherhood is a journey unique to each woman. These sessions can be in your home, outdoors, or really anywhere that speaks to your momma heart. Your other half + any other kiddos may join, or we can keep it just you. Your session, your choice!


What would you call your style of photography?

I consider myself a lifestyle photographer. I am after the most genuine interactions. The last thing I want is for anyone to stress about hair, makeup, outfit choices, locations, etc. All that minutiae simply rounds out the story ... you + yours are the story tellers. I am simply the fly on the wall that will capture that story better than anyone.

Do you use props?

In a word, no. I find props are limiting to my style of shooting + I have spent years with much trial + error, whittling down what my sessions look + feel like. Props simply don't fit in. That's not to say that a special stuffie or blanket hasn't made its way into past sessions...that's different. There has also been the occasional ultrasound image to announce a new addition - again, different! I also ask that you refrain from bringing any. If you are after a prop heavy shoot or more specifically a styled shoot (themed with backdrops + signage and lots of added flair), I can recommend some local photographers who can serve you best.

When will our gallery be delivered?

Once your session is complete, your gallery will arrive within 2 weeks for a petite session + between 3-4 weeks for a full session. You will receive a link in your email to a high resolution gallery that comes from Pixieset. You can share that link with whomever you'd like, and if you would like your gallery password protected, that's no problem.

Do you offer mini sessions?

A few times a year, I offer what I call "petite sessions." I advertise them a few months out through email, on the home page of this website + on Instagram. They are typically 20 minute slots with a set number of images at a set investment. Booking a session outside of petite sessions will always be considered a full session booking.

What will my session time be like?

I don't carry a "shot list" and I don't have a rubric that my sessions fit into - each session is its own + unique to you. I will not pose you, but I will prompt you if I think it's needed. Everyone is a little nervous at the start of their session + that is 100% ok and expected. (I have yet to meet anyone who didn't need a little nudge to get going!) I find within the realm of "lifestyle," there is very little pressure + people are entirely themselves.

Are digital images included in our session investment?

Absolutely - your final gallery will include between 60-80 high resolution, hand-edited images. Once you book your session, you will be sent a session e-guide which includes a small collection of tangibles (prints, framed art + albums) to choose from to help bring your digital images to life.

And before you ask, RAW images are not available.

We've never had professional photos done before - help!

Unless you are a professional model or have spent gobs of time in front of a camera, it is safe to say that you are entering uncharted waters. That's where I come in. I expect that you'll be a deer-in-headlights at the beginning, so I promise to guide you along the way. I won't pose you, but I will prompt you from time to time. Everyone is nervous at the start of their session + that is 100% ok and expected. (I have yet to meet anyone who didn't need a little nudge to get going!) If it helps, I find within the realm of "lifestyle," there is very little pressure + people are entirely themselves.

What if I have more questions?

Your session e-guide will cover a ton of information that may answer those questions. However, I can't anticipate ALL the questions + I expect that most people have questions that are specific to their session. I welcome you to reach out via email,

I'll be your family photographer for life. Promise.