it's 'so long for now,' not 'good bye' forever...

Courtesy of my husband + his smashing interview skills, the divine universe + life taking us on the adventure of a lifetime, it would appear that we live in Australia now!

(well, only for three years :)

For the time being, Lindsay McCrea Photography will be "on hold." Seeing as how I literally couldn't be farther from you all, continuing to plan sessions would be kind of tough! I plan to spend the next few years being a mom to my two amazing littles - traveling around this amazing place ( which is roughly the same size as the US - who knew! ) If you happen to be local to Canberra, or know of anyone who is, hit me up! I'd love to meet you + learn how I can serve you best!

To all my sweet families back home, I miss you! Truly. You have made the last several years of LMP simply wonderful. I'll be home in a few years + we can pick up where we left off. I can't wait to see how grown up the kiddos will have gotten, and how you + your love have grown with them. In the mean time, I would love to recommend area photographers that will take the very best care of you + yours. Shoot me an email + I'll gladly send you their info. (hello@lindsaymccreaphotography.com)

I will keep the online home of LMP active - galleries will still be available + surprise! I plan to blog our adventures! (I also plan to blog sessions I've had over the last few years, so BOLO!) If you're interested, please! Read along + keep up with us over here!

Until June 2025, HOOROO!! (That's goodbye in Aussie - speak :)