Hello there, you!

You need a photographer that gets you those images that stop you in your tracks ... I can do that.

You want to remember every little thing about your kids - chubby fingers + toes, giggles, summer freckles, their tiny hand inside yours - the things that fade with time ... I can capture that.

Without a doubt that I am that photographer. As a mom myself, I know 'dem babies don't keep! Having tangible memories to look at whenever you want is so important to us - it reminds us of a simpler time, when we could keep them safe + we were their everything. Let me show you what I see - a momma who is the most beautiful version of herself when she's draped with those babies and laughing her most perfect + purest laugh. You are beautiful - you shouldn't just be taking the photos, you should be in them.

* Also, if you love Schitt's Creek like I do, then you are my people :)

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Published // Autumn 2022 // article entitled "River of Light," featuring silversmith + jeweler Mary Risley.

Published // Winter 2022 edition.

A little love from my families...

Sutton // newborn

Lindsay has a unique eye that beautifully captures life's little moments with authenticity. After some direction + reassurance, she just lets life happen, allowing the moments that matter the most to shine through. My husband + I will cherish our photos forever + are so thankful our girls will have them to look back on as they grow.