Hello there, you!

I am Lindsay, and I am your photographer. I've been shooting for a really long time, I have always loved photography, and I love to stretch myself creatively....coffee...cats...travel...blah blah...

...ok let's be real. You've probably read 100 "about me" pages just like that. I am not gonna waste your time telling you about my favorite books or what I love to do on a rainy day. All of that is cool, but it's not why you are here -

You are in search of a photographer that gives you images that stop you in your tracks.

I can do that.

You want to remember every little thing about your kids - chubby fingers + toes, giggles, their tiny hand inside yours - the things that fade with time.

I can capture that.

I can say without a doubt that I am that photographer. I am a mom myself, so I know babies don't keep. Having those memories to look at whenever you want is so important to our momma hearts, because it reminds us of a simpler time - when we could keep them safe + we were their everything. Let me show you what I see - a mother who is the most beautiful version of herself when she's draped with those babies and laughing her most perfect + purest laugh. You are beautiful - you shouldn't just be taking the photos, you should be IN THEM.

Choosing a session with me is seamless - I make your experience as low stress as possible. From your initial inquiry to gallery delivery day, I am with you every step of the way. I'll even send you Pinterest inspo boards to help you take the guess work out of what to wear! After you receive your images, I'll help you choose which images to print + frame; even help curate your favorite ones into an album you can look at anytime you want - I look through ours ALL. THE. TIME...and we have quite a few :)

* Also, if you love Schitt's Creek like I do, then you are my people :)

Featured // Blog Forum Contest Honorable Mention x 3 "Feels Like Home, " (Nov/Dec 2020), "Cozy" (Sept/Oct 2022), and "Reflections" (Jan/Feb 2023).

Published // Autumn 2022 // article entitled "River of Light," featuring silversmith + jeweler Mary Risley.

Published // Winter 2022 edition.

A little love from my families...

Sutton // newborn

Lindsay has a unique eye that beautifully captures life's little moments with authenticity. After some direction + reassurance, she just lets life happen, allowing the moments that matter the most to shine through. My husband + I will cherish our photos forever + are so thankful our girls will have them to look back on as they grow.