It's always the best feeling when you stumble upon a new location - everything in you wants to grab your camera, speed over there like it's gonna disappear + capture everything you can. Obviously a state park isn't going to magically disappear, but I think it's just the fire that ignites from your soul to create in a new place. As soon as I discovered the Schwartz Peony Gardens at Seneca Creek State Park, I knew I needed to host petite sessions there. It was perfect - I was picturing Hill House Home nap dresses, woven baskets, that warm glow from a setting sun, wandering among the blooms and stopping to take in their intoxicating aroma. I'm telling you - IT'S PERFECT!

I was lucky to host three families at the garden this spring, and of COURSE I will be hosting sessions there again when we return stateside! My vision for these sessions came true, and the images turned out are beautiful.