LMP Session Guide 2022

Can I say something before we get started? In no way do I want you to see this guide as a rule book. Your session is just that - yours. It doesn't fit inside a pretty little box tied with a ribbon, and neither do you!! Over the years I have been asked countless times for advice + help on location recs, outfit ideas, how to pose (my answer every time - don't), and answers to questions such as 'what if the baby gets fussy?', 'what if the kids are monsters?', 'what if we are running late?!' I've heard it all + I want you to hear me when I say it's all ok! Please know that I have your best interest at heart + I want your session to be as successful, if not more so, than you do!

So let's talk about a few big ticket items + let the rest fall into place.

deep breathe...let's get started!

I specialize in lifestyle sessions specific to milestones - motherhood, newborns, families and a handful of deliveries + fresh/48s a year. That being said, each session flows just a little differently depending on what kind it is. A family session usually tops out around an hour, where as a newborn session can take a lot longer - babies are on their very own timeline - amirite?! All you need to know is that we will shoot as long as it takes until we feel happy with what we've created.

As I mentioned above, each session is its own - and no two sessions should look the same! There is consistency to my images, but that just means since my style is a little darker, more contrast, rich + saturated colors, you won't find a light + airy gallery among my work. I want avoid confusion as best I can! I also don't want you to spend hours combing the interwebs looking for images that you want to "copy" - two reasons, that gallery was crafted for those people + more importantly I am not a copy cat. I take pride in creating something together with you that is entirely your own.

What to wear...

When it comes to outfits, or what to wear, I only have a handful of tried and true "rules" that I think work best for everyone.

  1. Pick one statement piece and work everyones outfits around that one item.
  2. Avoid loud prints, vibrant colors (there's this thing called color casting - wear a hot pink shirt + your skin will look hot pink.)
  3. No logos of ANY kind - nothing is worse than a really well put together group of outfits, and a giant NIKE swoosh cuts through it all.
  4. Try not to be too matchy-matchy. What I mean is not putting everyone in jeans and white shirt. Or everyone wearing one color.
  5. Dress for where you will be - high heels aren't ideal for sand just like a tank top isn't ideal for snow.
  6. Try and avoid strong trends - you don't want to look back and be able to say "hey 2021, nice felt hat / kimono / cut off shorts combo!"

Think about where we will be - wherever we end up, you'll likely want to be able to move around a bit. Especially the kiddos! I definitely recommend waiting to dress the younger ones until you arrive - my best friend's daughter emptied the contents of her stomach all over her dress on the way to their session - no bueno. If you build in a little time before your session starts to get everyone together + ready, you'll have less to worry about! If we are outdoors, I recommend dressing in layers - if it's cold + you warm up a little, layers can peel off. If you start out warm + get chilly, back on they go! A note on footwear: nothing worse than bright white kicks at a tree farm in December! 'Nuff said.

Click the links below for outfit "pin-spiration" by session!

Location, Location, Location.

By no means does the location make or break your session - I've done sessions in + around a construction site before - but it can certainly help. Whether you choose a big open field, a city street or even your own home, it's going to be perfect. There are so many places local to Howard County that would work perfectly + I have become very familiar with many of them. If you have a spot that is near + dear to you, I'd love to hear about it. If it doesn't matter one way or the other, I am HAPPY to choose for you!

Location, Location, Location.

By no means does the location make or break your session - I've done sessions in + around a construction site before - but it can certainly help. Whether you choose a big open field, a city street or even your own home, it's going to be perfect. There are so many places local to Howard County that would work perfectly + I have become very familiar with many of them. If you have a spot that is near + dear to you, I'd love to hear about it. If it doesn't matter one way or the other, I am HAPPY to choose for you!


Babies have their own schedule, their own agenda. Let's be real - I have never had a newborn session that has been less than an hour, but I have also NEVER needed one to last 4 hours either! My sweet spot is usually 1.5 - 2 hours, and that includes any diaper changing or feeding or really anything! Your newborn session shouldn't be rushed or panicked in any way. I love taking a "fly on the wall" approach to these sessions, as the beauty and the magic live in the in-between moments. We will certainly get all the image combinations so that when you look back years from now, you can say "oh my gosh! Look how little the kids were! Look at how small they were in their daddy's arms! Wow I can't believe how great their older brother/sister was at holding them!" I want to encourage you to let your session happen naturally. If baby needs to feed, please feed them! I will only shoot breastfeeding with permission + take images that tell of the bond between you + that sweet babe. (Nothing taken could be mistaken for Lactation Consulting course material :)

In terms of what to wear, I want you to be comfortable. You will most likely be 2-3 weeks out from delivery + your body is still healing. Be kind to her and wrap her up in soft fabrics that stretch + move with you, that are neutral in color and classic in their form. Leggings, sweaters, cardigans, light and flowing gowns (think linen, cotton, spring and summer style dresses), easy tops with little to no detail will read best. Your partner should follow in suit. Neutral, calming, easy to wear pieces that keep them comfy too are always a winner.

Same goes for that baby! Light, neutral fabrics will read best on film, and won't go out of style. Best to have several options on hand, as babies never stay in one outfit for very long! If you have any family pieces (bonnets, booties, nightgowns) let's use them! Muslin swaddles + soft knit blankets are best for wrapping baby with and gently draping over them while they snuggle with you. Same idea here too in regards to bright colors and busy patterns - simple is best. I am not a prop photographer when it comes to newborns, as I really want to capture connection first. That's not to say that a passy or a stuffie isn't welcome! Of course they are - in fact, I love shooting around the babies space a little to get images that help round out the story more.


Family sessions are the best for so many reasons. They can celebrate something happy, or even something sad. They can represent a new chapter in your story, or the end to an old one. They can even be just because. I firmly believe that really doesn't even need to be a reason for a session, other because you want one! I have done family sessions in peoples homes, in old historic buildings, I have done them in sand + snow and everything in between. What ever vision you have for your session, let's talk about it! I want to learn what makes you + yours tick. I want to help you preserve that legacy to pass it down and down and down for years to come.

When styling everyone, pick one statement piece + work the remaining outfits around that one item with solids, neutral patterns and accessories to tie it together. If you have one outfit that speaks to you and sets the tone, go with it. If it's a dress with a floral pattern, you can pull a color from said dress + grab other items in that color for the rest of the family. You can have the littlest one wear a simple pattern, and have the older kiddos wear solid colors that compliment the pattern. In terms of shoes - please choose sensible shoes for where we will be...and if we are in a grassy field or in sand, shoes are optional :)

These sessions are meant to tell your story - they are meant to show the world what makes you + yours as awesome as you are. Families are what they are, and sometimes theres not a drop of blood between them - and that's wonderful! Please know that I am here for it all, and I can't wait to find that connection that you all share and shoot the heck out of it!


Motherhood sessions are some of my favorite. Having two babies myself, I can say without hesitation it's the most beautiful I've ever felt in my life ... and I was VERY pregnant in July! There is something so sweet + settling about creating a new life. You journey into motherhood is yours. It looks different for everyone + that's what I love to capture. As with every other session I do, it's those in-between moments that really tug at the heartstrings. Your hand resting softly on your belly, a tiny smile as you think about meeting that little life earth-side for the first time. It's all magic.

When you think about what to wear, think comfort. You will likely be 32-34 weeks at the time of your session + that's the beginning of the end! Long, flowing dresses, soft fabrics that move with the slightest breeze. Depending on the feel you want in your images, you could choose a body hugging, off-the-shoulder gown, or a muslin/cotton maxi summer dress. Light, neutral colors are the very best. It's calming, not at all distracting, and really speaks to this season of your lives. If bright bold colors are your thing, choose carefully ... the reason is a little phenomenon called color casting - if you are wearing hot pink, your skin will look very pink where the fabric touches. I would also try to avoid large patterns + logos. Small, sweet patterns are ok, as they usually blend pretty well + don't distract. If your other half is joining you in your session, the same suggestions apply.

Barefoot is always an option - feeling mother nature under your feet is such a grounding sensation that I highly recommend. If you have to / need to wear shoes, let them be comfortable. Of course in warm weather, sandals are clutch. In cooler weather, as long a your feet are warm, that's all that matters. Bonus if you wear a long dress - no one can see / will see your feet, so wear those winter boots!

Bottom line, I want you to feel nothing but beautiful + nothing but comfortable. You probably saw the link above to some "pin-spiration" if you are a visual person, or really just want to see an entire look put together.


no. 1


40 archival quality,
heirloom 5x7 prints

3 8x10 matted prints

digital gallery of all images

no. 2


11x14 deckled edge print on cotton rag paper, mounted in an off set matt, framed

digital gallery of all images

no. 3


10x10 linen covered
archival flat lay album
30-40 images

digital gallery of all images

All three of these "tangibles" can be added on to any session with LMP. If you are interested in expanding your investment beyond a digital gallery, I would LOVE to help you choose what works best for you + yours. We can even create something outside of these packages to honor your session + the beautiful gallery you will hold so dear.

Cheers to you for choosing me - I will take the very best care of your story.

I know how important it is to get it right.



“Lindsay blew me away with what she was able to capture - of course my son was at his worst all day + I was convinced that she wouldn't get anything. I am floored by the gallery we received.”

—the goodwins